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Steel Fabrication in Toronto: Machinery vs. Manual Labour
Steel Fabrication in Toronto: Machinery vs. Manual Labour
December 05, 2017

Steel fabrication in Toronto has become a diverse, challenging and competitive industry. At Weld Rich And Steel, we use both state-of-the-art automation and smart manual operations in order to give our clients the best value. We believe that there should be a healthy balance between the use of machinery and manual labour. Here are a few reasons why we give as much importance to our manual labour in the production line as we do our hi-tech equipment and robotics.


One of the most important reasons for automation is efficiency. Machines, given the right software, simply do so much more in the least amount of time compared to their flesh-and-blood counterparts.


However, in projects that require close attention to detail our steel fabrication in Toronto prioritizes artisanship over efficiency.


Our personnel get their jobs done not with just their specific tasks in mind, but with the whole picture – the end product, so to speak. Machines don’t visualize.


This is especially relevant when we talk about off-hours. Once the clock strikes a certain time, we turn off the equipment and leave for home. That’s it for the machines. However, most of our personnel get a lot of productive ideas when they’re at home and comfortable. They then carry these ideas to work. Whether it be ideas for a major overhaul or a minor correction of a glitch, this added value to having a team of certified welders and other metal workers simply trumps the idea of ‘over-automation.’


Another thing about machines used in steel fabrication in Toronto is that they only do one thing at a time. Yes, they do that one thing extremely well – far beyond what an average human being would be capable of. However, what seems to be a weakness for human personnel is actually a strong point. The ability to think of alternatives, and take an alternative if necessary, is one of the many things we encourage in our workers. The machines are there for them to use, but the decisions they make add to the value of high quality our company strives for.


Learn more about our steel fabrication in Toronto services by visiting our gallery page! For inquiries, please call us directly at 416-835-5363. Interested in learning more about how welding has evolved as a skilled trade? Read our last blog post! 


There are some things machines can't do! Artisanship is one of them!
Posted by: Julia | December 14, 2017, 11:57 am
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