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Understanding Welding in Toronto and Its Rich History as a Skilled Trade

November 30, 2017

Welding in Toronto is a common skilled trade and service that is growing in demand. It can be considered a sculptural process to join materials, usually metal. Examples of popular welding methods used today include oxy-fuel welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten welding and submerged arc welding.


To give you a better understanding of the growth of welding in Toronto, here is a short historical timeline of how the process has developed:


Bronze, Iron, Middle Ages


Historians trace the beginnings of welding back to civilizations in Europe and the Middle East. Herodotus the Greek historian writes of men who “single-handedly invented iron welding”. The earliest known structure created by a welder is the Iron Pillar of Delhi in India. In the Middle Ages, blacksmiths pounded heated metal repeatedly to bond pieces together.




This time period saw the creation of inventions such as the continuous electric arc and the first electric arc welding method, also known as carbon arc welding. The development of resistance welding in the late 19th CE occurred, with further advancements over the next 15 years.


World War I


Welding became extremely popular and powerful during the war effort. Military powers on both sides experimented with welding processes in a race to develop the strongest weaponry. Soon afterwards processes such as shielded arc metal welding and gas tungsten arc welding was perfected.


Today, welding in Toronto is more advanced and powerful than it has ever been before. It is a booming trade and an essential service for contractors, industrial businesses and manufacturing plants alike. Learn more about how to narrow your search for a steel fabricator in Toronto by reading one of our older blogs. For more information, contact a CWB certified expert at Weld Rich And Steel by calling 416-835-5363!