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Custom Steel & Metal Staircase Fabrication in Toronto

Custom Metal Staircase Fabrication Services in Toronto

Our specialty is metal staircase fabrication for new construction and renovation projects. We at Weld Rich and Steel use a unique combination of innovation and artistry to create the best metal staircase in Toronto and the GTA. We make sure your metal rails and metal staircase are custom fitted for optimal functionality and aesthetics while also capable of withstanding all environmental conditions. Whether it’s building a metal staircase from scratch or reinforcing an existing one, we guarantee equally efficient and durable service.

We have a team of extremely experienced and qualified welders, technicians, engineers, and design specialists who do your work for you. They have decades of combined experience in metal rails and metal staircase fabrication that they use in the best possible way to provide you with a level of customer service and quality no one can match. With our amazing team, we can meet all your style and functional requirements from specially designed handrails to large commercial projects. Contact us at Weld Rich and Steel to discuss your rails and metal staircase in Toronto, and watch as your stairs take on a life of their own.

Our Process for Metal Staircase Design and Installation

Every metal staircase Toronto project begins with a consultation where we closely listen to our client's needs and design considerations. As soon as our engineers have the drawings ready, we order the materials and fabricate the metal staircase in our shop. We further send it to either a powder coating or hot dip galvanizing facility, and, finally, deliver and install the final product which is always of the highest quality you can get in Toronto. Our services are flexible and tailored around our client’s needs. We can negotiate almost any kind of finishings such as stainless steel or mild steel, different sizes and styles of railings, hardware, stringers and steps (either steel, wood or glass).

We understand how unique our clients’ project requirements can be. Therefore, we take a personal approach to every metal rails and metal staircase project we are presented with. Our unique approach is what makes us stand out among our competitors and help us keep our customers returning for more services.

Why Choose Metal Staircases in Toronto?

While wood and concrete remain relatively popular materials for staircase fabrication, metal and steel are on top of the competition. More and more homeowners and businesses are considering a metal staircase over a timber one for its durability, strength and the industrial vibe it gives to the space. We at Weld Rich & Steel are experts in designing, fabricating and installing metal staircases in Toronto and the GTA. Our team of skilled professionals, designers and certified welders have all the necessary expertise and equipment to bring your vision into reality while adhering to outstanding service and quality production. Contact us to get a quote on a steel staircase in Toronto for your home or business.

The Benefits of Steel Staircases in Toronto

Steel staircases have been a widely preferred option for homes and businesses alike for their modern style and easily customizable design. For those who are into industrial interior designs, a steel staircase is a structure to consider installing if you are seeking to highlight the industrial vibe and enhance the property's aesthetic appeal. With almost limitless tread and handrail options to choose from, a steel staircase is a highly customizable iron structure that can fit into almost any interior and exterior design. A steel staircase is a structure you can never go wrong with as it is a durable unit that requires little to no maintenance. It is also a timeless unit that will remain as attractive as it was the day it was installed.

Our CWB-certified welders work with a variety of metals to fabricate:

  • Ornamental Railing
  • Wrought Railings

Our range of stair types includes but is not limited to:

  • Straight
  • Winder
  • Straight
  • Quarter-Landing Stairs
  • Half-Landing Stairs
  • Curved
  • Spiral
  • Monobeam Stairs
  • Floating Stairs

Why Work with Weld Rich and Steel for Your Metal Staircase?

We at Weld Rich & Steel Inc. are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship in all we do. Be it a small residential project or a large-scale commercial steel structure, we treat every project with the utmost responsibility while adhering to the highest industry standards. Our efficient service is built on the expertise, qualifications and experience our qualified team members bring to the company.

Looking for a quality metal staircase in Toronto? Call Weld Rich & Steel Inc.! Our team of certified and highly-experienced welders, designers and technicians will construct a quality metal staircase that serves you for years.