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Weld Rich and Steel offers the complete range of services to create, customize, or renovate railings and metal stairs in Toronto. We are proud to say that we supply the best steel stairs Toronto has ever seen. Our designers and craftsmen will bring your vision into reality with outstanding service and quality production. Have questions about the most awesome custom metal stairs in Toronto and the GTA, or need more details? Contact us at Weld Rich and Steel today for your solution.

We use a special combination of innovation and artistry at Weld Rich and Steel to create the best steel stairs in Toronto and the GTA. New construction and renovation projects for a metal staircase in Toronto are our specialty. We work from scratch as efficiently as working with existing structures, creating designs unique to your home or business. Ensure your metal rails or steel stairs at Toronto’s many buildings are custom fitted for optimal functionality and aesthetics, withstanding all environmental conditions.

We have a team of extremely experienced and qualified welders, technicians, engineers, and design specialists on hand to do your work for you. They have decades of combined experience that they use in the best possible way to provide you with a level of customer service and quality the likes of which you have never seen before. With our amazing team, we are able to meet all your style and functional requirements from specially designed handrails to large commercial projects. Contact us at Weld Rich and Steel to start planning your rails and metal staircase needs in Toronto, and watch as your stairs take on a life of their own.

Our CWB certified welders work with a variety of metals to provide services for:

  • Ornamental Railing
  • Wrought Railings
  • Monobeam Stairs
  • Welding Stairs