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Project Spotlight: Custom Fire Escape Staircase

November 04, 2019

The stainless steel fabrication work we do throughout Toronto takes on many forms, from a blending tank platform to floating staircases; whether it’s form and/or function, the team at Weld Rich and Steel always have the specialists on hand to make these projects come to fruition.


Our latest project is a result of the collaborative efforts from our entire crew, from designers to engineers, for a residential project contingent on safety and visual appeal.




What Did the Project Involve?

The project we were contracted for involved the stainless steel fabrication of a custom fire escape for a private rental home, situated near High Park, Toronto. As seen from the image below, the finalized project turned out exactly how our client envisioned:



History of the Building and Conforming to Safety Standards

Fabricating this custom fire escape staircase may have been a cause for concern for other contractors due to it being more than 80 years old; not for the team at Weld Rich and Steel.


Marion-staircase-3 Marion-staircase-4

When it comes to projects like these, safety is king, and we’re proud to say that throughout our many years of servicing the GTA community, our dedication to safety standards hasn’t steered us or the client wrong.


Marion-staircase-6 Marion-staircase-7


As demonstrated in the image below, the staircase is seen to span 3 storeys at the rental home. However, the building had originally been erected with 2 storeys, with the client later deciding to opt for the extension of a third.




As a result, it was imperative that this multi-storey fire escape staircase demonstrate compliance with bylaws set forth by the City of Toronto for property standards, such as the requirement that fire escapes and their treads, risers, guards, handrails, and supports be kept in safe, clean, and good working order.


On top of this, an array of Ontario building codes have been established for the construction of stairs, with special considerations being made for fire escapes in regards to their exit width, all of which Weld Rich and Steel adhere to with tenacity.


As evidenced above, our tenacity when it comes to stainless steel fabrication is unrivaled, no matter the age of your building. Should you be contemplating the installation of steel stairs for a residential or commercial project, then get in touch! Our craftsmen will be here to provide you with a solution that will stand the test of time.  


This-is-a-custom-fire-escape-staircase-for-a-private-rental-home-in-high-park Marion-staircase-5