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Project Spotlight: Deerfields Clinic

September 16, 2019

As experts in stainless steel fabrication, we at Weld Rich and Steel have been involved in some of the most intricate custom projects all over the city. Recently, we were called to update an old stairwell in the Deerfields Clinic at The West Mall, replacing it with a sleek, modernist floating staircase.




In recent times, floating stairs have become increasingly popular thanks to the visual appeal of the floating illusion. Only the most skilled and talented welders and fabricators can create the best floating stairs. A big part of that process is stainless steel fabrication, wherein the parts of the staircase are custom-made and then installed together.


Designed to hide the otherwise bulky and unappealing supporting structures of a staircase, a floating staircase should look as light and unattached as possible. Of course, this design cannot in any way compromise safety and stability. 




Due to its minimalist and modern look, floating staircases are most often accompanied with other materials that visually enhance the concept of modernity, such as glass and steel.


As such, the floating staircase that we made for Deerfield Clinic features 3-inch thick quartz stone slabs for the steps, 15mm-thick double-laminate tempered glass, with stainless steel standoffs on the steps and a stainless steel handrail.




This particular staircase that we designed and fabricated is a mono beam stringer, featuring support from underneath the steps. The staircase was then custom painted.




Broadly speaking, the process for creating this mono beam stringer for our client involved an extensive consultation process, measurements and designing, stainless steel fabrication, installation, and then final detailing.


As you can see in the picture above, the largest component to be installed first is the stringer, which essentially set up the rest of the work we needed to do.




A project like this requires different technicians and experts to come together: painters, welders, fabricators, engineers, project managers, and more. Of course, the most important component is the client, whose vision drives the project.