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Why You Should Only Contract CWB-Certified Welders for Your Next Project

June 25, 2020

If you’re looking for welders and fabricators for your next project, it’s best advised to opt for Canadian Bureau of Welding (CWB) certified welders for the job. Why? It’s simple. CWB welders undergo a rigorous certification process that determines their ability to provide safe, best-practice CWB welding to clients in Canada. 


When you hire CWB-certified welders, you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands. 


What is the CWB?


The CWB is a nation-wide, industry-driven and supported non-profit organization that offers certification for practicing welding. The ultimate goal of the CWB is to underscore safety by regularly reviewing Canadian welders for consistency in safety and welding capability. To meet this end, Canadian welders are tested every two years to ensure they meet industry standards. 


Why is this important?

It’s not rocket science when it comes to understanding that welders are more at risk of experiencing injury on the job than those who work in other industries. As such, a higher caliber of skill and a solid-understanding of best safety practices is needed to ensure the job gets done effectively and safely. Certified welders are tested on their safety knowledge in addition to their CWB welding capability.


How Do I Know a Welder is CWB-Certified?

A company that provides welding services must be transparent in their ability to provide you with their CWB welding certification. There exist a number of certifications provided by the CWB - but the most common is the CSA 247.1 - the Fusion Welding of Steel Company Certification. This certification offers assurance that a company that offers welding services is capable of providing quality weld results. 



Where can I find a quality CWB-welder for my next project?


Weld Rich and Steel is a CWB-certified welding company that offers the knowledge, experience, and capabilities needed to bring your next project to life. Our team of qualified welders are here to ensure high-quality results you can count on. We adhere to all CWB criteria when it comes to producing welds safely and effectively. For all your welding needs, do not hesitate to call us today! We’d be happy to help.