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Why Steel Staircases are So Popular
Why Steel Staircases are So Popular
August 29, 2019

If you look close enough, you’ll find steel staircases are pretty much used everywhere. From industrial to ornamental applications, metal stairs are chosen for their durability and versatility – providing an efficient and reliable means of transporting people from one level to another.



Today we’ll assess the various types of steel staircases available and the reason why they are so popular.



Common Types of Metal Staircases


There are multiple types of metal staircases out there. They are commonly typified by environment and application. Generally, metal stairs will fall into three general categories:

  • Preassembled metal stairs – typically used for commercial, institutional, light industrial, and multi-family occupancies
  • Industrial metal stairs – used for heavier duty applications and environments and usually feature steel floor plating or bar grated treads
  • Ornamental metal stairs – as its name suggests, ornamental stairs feature more unique designs and are finished with more ornate or decorative materials such as marble, glass, or ornamental metals



Explaining the Popularity of Metal Stairs


As suggested, metal staircases are popular for their ability to provide unparalleled versatility and durability in numerous environments. Steel stairs are highly resistant to external stresses such as load dependencies, fluctuating temperatures, and humidity – making them a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Metal stairs can also be custom fabricated, making the installation process relatively seamless. The metal fabricator should be capable of customizing the project to your specifications regardless of shape, style, or size. By assessing the structure’s profile, an experienced fabricator will be able to build a staircase that plays off the structure’s strengths while compensating for its weaknesses.



Finding a Reputable Steel Staircase Fabricator


When it comes to fabricating steel stairs, Weld Rich and Steel is your number one source for ensuring the job is completed as per your specifications. With years of experience fabricating metal stairs for clients across the GTA, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the metal stair results you’re looking for.

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