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What are the Best Metals for Welding in Toronto?

February 25, 2020

Since not all metals for welding are created equal, it is important to choose a metal that is easily weldable and doesn’t need many pre-weld or post-weld operations. Thankfully, welding in Toronto uses the best metals to avoid setbacks and inconveniences.


The following are the best metals used for welding


Mild Steel


Mild steel is considered to be a metal with the highest weldability. For one thing, it is more ductile than other types of steel because it has a low carbon content and only trace amounts of other alloying elements. This formulation prevents the formation of brittle microstructures such as martensite and eliminates the risk of hydrogen cracking. When the amount of carbon increases, the risk of weld failure also increases.



Stainless steel


Companies specializing in welding in Toronto mainly use stainless steel as it is highly valued because of its impressive corrosion resistance. Despite its complex chemical composition, stainless steel can be welded using proper techniques.  Most importantly, you should know what grade type is to be weld. Stainless steel comes in three major types: austenitic, ferritic and martensitic. While austenitic steels and most ferritic are weldable, welding martensitic stainless steels are more challenging due to their high hardness and their tendency to crack. 




Aluminium poses a challenge to welders compared to steel alloys. Aluminium is thinner and has a lower melting point, which can result in burnthroughs. Choosing the right welding method for aluminium is essential. For instance, grades in the 6XXX series are weldable, however, the right filler material and welding operation must be used to prevent cracks.

Also, the needs of the specific application and the skills of the welder should all be considered. 

Welders at Weld Rich and Steel welds mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Adapting to any equipment, system, or structure that requires servicing, we are a reliable company that offers welding in Toronto and we complete every project with pride.