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Various Types of Welding and Everything You Need to Know

September 26, 2017

There are more than thirty different types of welding in Toronto and each of them has their own benefits to offer. From the most basic oxy-fuel welding all the way to the most advanced and high tech processes such as laser welding. Each of these types offers their own benefits and advantages, but their uses depend on what the application really requires. To give you an idea about the most common types of welding, here is a simple and useful guide.


The Most Common Types of Welding in Toronto and the Things You Have to Know


Stick Welding - This is the oldest type of welding. This process uses a stick electrode like a 6013, 6011 or 7018 welding rod which is attached to an electrode holder that looks like a bigger version of a battery jumper cable clamp. The rod is struck like a match for the arc to burn feeding the rod into the puddle as it burns. It is the cheapest type of welding that has a very simple process. Even its equipment also has a very simple design.


MIG Welding - This type of welding is considered to be one of the easiest types. Instead of using a shorter welding rod, this one uses a specialized wire that is fed through cable and out the end of the MIG welding gun. Then once it is ready, all the welder has to do is to pull the trigger of the welding gun. However, learning stick welding is recommended before trying this process. Mig welding comes in two different types which are described below.

  • Bare Wire Mig - A much cleaner type of MIG welding suitable for thinner metals. It also requires a cylinder of MIG welding gas and a flow meter.
  • Flux Core Welding - A type of MIG welding that is more suitable for outdoor applications. This type does not require a welding gas or a flow meter.


TIG Welding - Another common type of welding in Toronto is TIG welding. It is considered as one of the most difficult types to learn because it requires two hands in the process. One to hold the tig torch that has the tungsten electrode to provide the heat and the other hand to feed the rod. It also requires more expensive equipment. However, it is one of the most versatile types of welding as it works with all the conventional types of metal.


Plasma Arc Welding - A bit similar to TIG welding but the tungsten electrode is recessed on a nozzle where the heat is generated by ionizing gases flowing around the arc. This the best suitable option for high precision jobs, because the recessed electrode provides more control and precise handling.


Gas Welding - Another old type of welding process is the Gas Welding. This process commonly uses Acetylene or Oxygen. This type of welding is often used in mechanical applications because it is a cheaper option.