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Understanding Basic Metal Fabrication Processes

October 25, 2019

Metal fabrication in Toronto is a lucrative industry and an integral part of manufacturing many of the fixtures and structures we rely on on a regular basis. Understanding what the metal fabrication process entails can seem overwhelming for those not in the industry. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and laid out the basics of what metal fabrication is, and what processes it encompasses.


Metal fabrication in Toronto describes the industrial processes of fabricating or creating metal structures via cutting and burning, forming, machining, and welding applications.



Cutting and Burning


Cutting and burning describes the initial preparatory method of cutting and dividing material before the process of machining. The most general method of cutting and burning raw material is known as shearing. Equipment used in cutting and burning processes include specialized band saws, abrasive cut-off saws, cutting torches, and computer-operated burn tables.




Forming processes are used in converting sheet metal into 3-D components without the addition or removal of original material. Equipment used in forming applications include punching and dies, with machine-based forming being able to combine forming and welding applications simultaneously.




At its essence, machining encompasses any process that involves the removal of material to yield a desired shape. A few common types of machining equipment used in a metal fabrication shop include metal lathes, mills, drills, and drills.




Welding is the primary method used in the process of steel fabrication. Previously formed and machined steel components are assembled and welded into place and double-checked to ensure accuracy. Depending on project scope and specifications, certain welding techniques are more intricate than others. This is where seeking the services of a certified, experienced metal fabrication and weld shop is essential to ensuring the job is done effectively.


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