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The Role of Structural Steel in Green Building and Sustainability

September 28, 2023
The Role of Structural Steel in Green Building and Sustainability



Canada’s infrastructure industry has undergone significant changes over the last few decades. These changes have mostly been influenced by a widely adopted trend of sustainable construction where efficiency and the use of recycled materials are of prime importance. The trend has also prompted the emergence of a vast variety of sustainable construction materials and techniques aimed at improving the efficiency of the buildings and structures. One of such materials is steel. In this blog, we will discuss how steel contributes to sustainable construction and why it is the building material of the future. 



What’s The Contribution Of Steel Into Sustainable Construction?


When we talk about sustainably built structures, we don’t only mean a specific construction method. Sustainable construction is a combination of techniques, materials and technologies that improve environmental performance of a building or structure. Steel is, by far, the most efficient building materials used by structural steel fabricators to build efficient structures. Aside from being 100% recyclable, steel is also 93% recycled. These qualities make steel a “green” construction material. But what else is on the list? Let’s take a closer look.



Steel is one of the lightest materials used in construction. This property makes steel easy to transport between sites and to carry and lift into place with a crane. This property also simplifies dismantling and relocating buildings. Weight is also an important consideration for steel structure fabricators, as working with the materials that are easy to lift, transport, and handle helps save time and resources. 



Sustainable construction is a widely accepted trend across the globe. And as steel is one of the most sustainable materials, the demand for steel structures is only expected to grow. Increased popularity of steel as a “green” construction material is primarily due to its recyclability. For example, old steel supports can be dismantled, recycled and repurposed as a new support for a new structure without losing their inherent properties. This feature alone makes steel a perfect choice for builders aiming to be more sustainable.



Steel is known to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning less material is required to build a structure with it. This also adds to the sustainability of the material. In addition, steel is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, meaning it is much safer than other construction materials.




Sustainability has been a key focus area for the construction industry, and steel has proven to be an excellent choice to build eco-friendly structures. Steel is lightweight, strong, and recyclable, making it an attractive option for sustainable construction. In addition to these features, steel is also a cost-effective material, which is known to be an important financial consideration for any construction project.