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The Requirements of a Successful Structural Steel Erection Project
The Requirements of a Successful Structural Steel Erection Project
July 05, 2017

Structural steel erection is an important foundation for any building or edifice. Therefore, it is important that expert welders attend to this task.  At Weld Rich and Steel, our skilled professionals deliver exceptional structural steel erection services.

 Our team meets the following requirements for a successful structural steel erection project:

Materials. The materials used for the structural steel erection project need to meet government standards and should be durable enough to withstand extreme pressure. For example, the steel used for the girders and beams must be appropriate for industrial purposes and the structural strength needs to support the weight of the building. Anything substandard or below the design requirements would result in an unsuccessful structural steel erection project. Our experts at Weld Rich and steel carry state-of-the-art and quality materials that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.


Craftsmen. Structural steel erection does not only involve putting steel beams together. A specific blueprint needs to be followed, and if it is not properly followed, the project will end up being unsuccessful. However, our experts at Weld Rich and Steel follow the specifications and instructions, and as a result, always strive for success.  Our workers that conduct the structural steel erection projects are all qualified to perform these difficult tasks. Our welders are able to properly bolt the girders together and select the right steel products in order to make their structures as strong as possible.


Foundation. The base of any structural steel erection project is its foundation.  The foundation refers to the ground where the structure is going to be built.  Our team properly embeds the steel structure into the base foundation of the building. The ground soil around the structure is also assessed in order to evaluate whether it can carry the weight of the whole building. Our experts at Weld rich and Steel do not overlook these details because they are crucial to the structural steel erection project.


At Weld Rich and Steel, we make sure that our structural steel erection projects are well-planned and researched. We make sure to meet the safety requirements because our mission is to make your structural steel projects a reality. Therefore, our team thoroughly examines their materials, undergoes intensive training and delivers quality results. Contact us today for your next structural steel erection project.  

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