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The Process of Fabricating Structural Steel

September 09, 2019

Structural steel is a staple in architecture and infrastructure, thanks to its amazing versatility and value. It is one of the strongest building materials, and far from being useful only for its function, can also be a beautiful material to work with. Structural steel fabricators know more than anyone else how easy steel is to work with, but an intense amount of detail and care is still needed in order to ensure the best fabrication quality.


Here is a summarized explanation of the process of structural steel fabrication:


1. Consultation and Design

The very first step in the process is to create an idea for what kind of project you want your structural steel fabricators to undertake. Due to the fact that most of these projects are based on custom orders, an extensive consultation process is needed between the client and the fabricator to iron out the details of the project and come up with the best design possible. Structural steel fabricators have access to exclusive design and engineering software that enables them to draw up specifications with impeccable detail and precision.


2. Initial Review

Once the design has materialized in the form of measurements on paper, the client needs to review the blueprints, sending them back for any possible changes. Once the blueprints are confirmed, the structural steel fabricators can then go about converting those blueprints into reality.


3. Cutting, Drilling, and Custom Machination

Based on the drawings, the structural steel fabricators will begin cutting beams to the specifications indicated. Once they are done, they will etch onto those beams unique part numbers and plate locations that will help them in the assembly process. Of course, there are normally be custom parts that need to be specially machinated, and the fabricator will etch these parts as well.


4. Assembly

With all the parts and components ready, the structural steel fabricators can then complete the assembly of the project. At this stage, limited to no changes are expected, and otherwise only under extraordinary circumstances. The assembly process also includes other finishing touches including paints, powder coating, sandblasting, and more.


5. Erection and Installation

The structural steel fabricators will arrange for the project to be shipped to its designated location. Once it arrives, the client’s build team will have also received the information to re-assemble and erect the project where required. It is the job of the structural steel fabricators to ensure this process is as clear and easy for the build team as possible.


As you can tell, there is a lot of care that goes into the work of structural steel fabricators. At Weld Rich and Steel, our welders are CWB-certified and our technicians and experts have years of experience under their belts to ensure your projects are in the best hands. Get in touch today if you need expert structural steel fabricators for a project!