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Structural Steel: The Bedrock Of Modern Civil Engineering

November 10, 2023
Structural Steel: The Bedrock Of Modern Civil Engineering



Structural steel plays a key role in modern civil engineering and architecture. Modern civil infrastructure for its most part relies on structural steel. Bridges, railways, malls, and skyscrapers wouldn’t be possible without robust structural steel support. 


But why exactly steel? How has it become such an integral part of civil engineering? What makes it a preferred choice in civil engineering? In this blog, we answer all of these questions.


Why Is Structural Steel Important in Civil Engineering?


Durability & robustness


Steel is, by nature, a very durable and robust material. If steel is intended to be exposed to the outdoors environment for an extended period of time, it has to undergo certain treatment processes to make it resistant to corrosion. There are certain types of steel that actually acquire their corrosion-resistance properties after being exposed to weather elements.




Steel is one of the strongest materials used in civil engineering. Steel’s ability to support large weights without bending or breaking make it an ideal choice for constructing tall buildings and bridges. Steel beams often serve as a supporting structure for buildings. 


Ease of handling


Steel is relatively easy to work with. Structural steel fabricators cut and drill steel parts and weld them into places, making the constructions of buildings quick and efficient. 




Steel is one of the most cost-effective materials. Used largely in the construction of infrastructure, steel is the most cost-efficient, strong and durable material for this purpose. 


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