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Structural Steel Erection: The Most Common Mistakes in Erecting a Steel Building

September 06, 2017

The process from which modern builders get the biggest benefit while building something new is the streamlined process that makes any structural installation easier. With a streamlined operation, the process of structural steel erection is significantly sped up for more efficient and safer building construction. The process of erecting a steel framed building may seem to be a very easy and straightforward one, but it’s actually a complex operation where anything can go wrong. For the proper and efficient way to erecting a steel building, here are the most common mistakes the most seasoned builders are not allowed to make.


Most Common Mistakes to Avoid During Structural Steel Erection


  1. Operating or erecting without a manual: The stability and quality of the structure will depend on how the steel structure is erected. In order for the structure's stability and quality to be maximized, the builders must follow the erection manual that comes along with the steel building kits. The manual contains the proper assembly instructions for the steel kits and an explanation of the techniques required to put them together. Since every steel frame kit is designed and fabricated according to unique specifications, every steel kit has a different manual. Erecting the kits without a manual will result in disaster.


  1. Cutting or altering the primary members: Never cut or alter any primary members or parts of the steel kit. Steel kits are specifically designed to carry certain loads and to be assembled according to plan. Every part of a steel kit contributes to the support of the building and each of them is fabricated to have a specific size and shape. Altering this will risk the structure’s stability since the entire structure depends on how the steel kit is put together.


  1. Operating without using the proper safety equipment: SAFETY FIRST - the number one rule at any kind of construction site. Erecting the structural steel kits without using the proper safety equipment is a big “no-no”. This operation deals with heavy equipment that presents a lot of danger when treated in the wrong way. All of the builders should wear the right safety equipment before entering the work site.


To ensure the stability and quality of the building, the structural steel erection should be done correctly and efficiently. One of the best ways to do this is to be aware of this common mistakes and avoid them.