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Structural Installation: The Advantages of Structural Steel Frame Construction

August 03, 2017

Structural steel frames are vital for any construction project. Skyscrapers, large building structures or garages and agriculture buildings, these frames are required to ensure structural stability and durability. A stable structural installation also plays a crucial role in these types of projects. Aside from providing a solid and secure frame, it also keeps the work site safer for personnel. Steel is a versatile building material and due to its affordability, durability, and sustainability, it is the popular choice among contractors when it comes to each stage of the entire construction process.

Read on for a better idea of why steel is the common choice among engineers, architects and modern builders for structural installation.


The Main Advantages of Structural Steel Frame Construction


  • Steel is Lighter Than Wood - This will probably surprise you since steel weighs more compared to wood with regards to its density. However, the term “lighter” in this case is used in the context of framing. A steel i-beam is far lighter than any structurally sound wood beam. With that being said, the labour required to build using steel will decrease. Lightweight steel materials also lower the cost of shipping.
  • Expedites the Construction Process - When it comes to construction, saving time means saving money. So using prefabricated steel frames for structural installation will greatly speed up construction. Prefabricated steel parts are also ready to use and very easy to assemble. Eliminating the need for measuring and cutting on site, which significantly saves a lot of time. Using these prefabricated steel materials also lowers the risk of human error.
  • Greater Saving Potential - Expediting the entire construction process helps to save money. However, building with steel offers far more potential when it comes to saving money. Steel offers extreme durability and low maintenance while it lasting longer compared to other materials. This allows you to save money in the long run.
  • Flexibility and Versatility - Steel is a very versatile material that can be formed into various shapes. It is flexible and can be used for almost anything when it comes to construction operations. It is also a material that is very easy to work with.

Above are some of the main advantages to using steel in construction operations such as structural installation, steel framing and more. With these benefits, steel helps to speed up the process and at the same time lower operation costs.