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Steel Stairs from Concept to Installation

January 26, 2017

Steel Stairs from Concepts to Installations

There are several reasons why most people prefer steel stairs in Toronto construction rather than stairs made of wood, concrete, or stone. Primarily, it is about sturdiness, especially now that steel is an extremely strong metal that could resist weather changes and assure security. Furthermore, stairs made of steel are quite malleable which guarantees easier configuration and molding. Corrosion resistance of steel stairs is proven by its ability to stay pristine for a longer time than stone or wood.

Weld Rich and Steel is one of the best providers of services involving steel stairs in Toronto. The company has a complete range of services for development, customization, or renovation of steel stairs in Toronto.


1. Manufacturing. Weld Rich and Steel is an expert in creating stairs made from steel. The company applies detailing and design expertly to provide endless possibilities. The company takes advantage of the metal’s structural properties to create elegant, slim, and unique stairs.


2. Assembly. Weld Rich and Steel ’s team of experts assemble custom staircases based on the layout of your property, welding staircases with a high level of accuracy and precision to meet your unique specifications.


3. Installation. Weld Rich and Steel’s professional craftsmanship and precision caters to your design and style from concept to installation. Specialists are ready to install your interior or exterior steel stairs, and follow up by providing repairs or weatherproofing services.


Trusting Weld Rich and Steel would ensure you that the steel stairs in Toronto could resist environmental changes, meet your style preferences, and fit your budget.