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Safety Features In Steel Staircases

September 22, 2023
Safety Features In Steel Staircases

Metal staircases are known to be both visually appealing and highly functional, making them so widely chosen by many homeowners and interior designers. Metal staircase can blend into almost any decor while also boasting durability and requiring low maintenance. One crucial and often overlooked aspect of a metal staircase is safety. In a metal staircase, safety has to be the number one priority, because ultimately the staircase is meant to be used by people. In this blog, we will explore some of the most essential safety features to incorporate in a metal staircase. 


What makes a metal staircase safe?


Slip-resistant adhesive strips

If you opted for glass treads, equipping them with slip-resistant adhesive strips for enhanced safety is a must. Alternatively, you can opt for anti-slip glass when installing a brand new staircase.



Railings usually come standard with metal staircases, but when the design calls for a very minimalistic look, they may be omitted. However, if safety is a top priority for the environment that the staircase is to be installed (f.e. the staircase will be used by your children, elderly people or people with special needs), then do consider railings. 


Step size

The length of the stair steps must be wide enough for everyone to step on comfortably. Keep in mind that all steps must have equal measurements throughout the entire stairway. 


Step nosing

Some building regulations require step nosings to be highlighted for better visibility. This is especially relevant for commercial staircases. For staircases built for homes, the nosings can be highlighted by stainless steel strips, which act as both an aesthetic addition and a safety measure. 


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