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Putting the Metal in Your Metal Railings

November 13, 2017

Metal railings in Toronto offer a wide array of practical and aesthetic benefits to any home or establishment. A few weeks ago, we posted about a list of places you can find metal railings in Toronto: among them included condominiums and eco-friendly homes. They are commonly constructed using one of the three types of metal below:


Traditional Wrought Iron


Wrought iron has been a staple for fabricators for centuries. Some metal railings in Toronto, in fact, are still made out of the material to this day. Its value lies primarily in its decorative nature. A home with wrought iron stair railings adds an elegant finish. Its long presence in the industry is also a testament to its strength and durability. It also offers clients a number of choice finishes, from solid black, to slick silver and royal gold. The problem with wrought iron, however, is that it is limited to indoor use. Using it outdoors allows it to be more prone to rusting.


Modern Stainless Steel


Of course, you can’t let a discussion about metal railings in Toronto pass without mentioning stainless steel. Polished and clean, this type not only gets the job done aesthetically but it also gets rid of the rust problem you would have had to wrestle with had you chosen wrought iron. It’s also structurally versatile, with a lot of combinations available for the buyer. There are cables of varying thickness, tubes and pipes of different sizes.


Low-Cost Aluminum


If you don’t want the rust that comes with the outdoor use of wrought iron and lack the budget for stainless steel, then low-cost aluminum is a good compromise. Its strength-to-weight ratio is impressive, to say the least, and is just as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel is. A piece of advice about mirrored aluminium though: be ready for more hassle when it comes to maintenance. Fingerprints and smudges quickly become apparent.


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