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Project Spotlight: Steel Guard Rail For Garbage Containers

December 04, 2019

For projects involving custom metal fabrication in Toronto, we at Weld Rich and Steel are conscientious in assigning those with the necessary expertise for each step along the process, all the way from consultants to craftsmen.

The project in question for this piece showcases our ability to handle requests that are simple in scope a juxtaposition to the more complex undertakings we’ve previously highlighted.




What Do Guard Rails Do?

At the heart of their implementation lies the ability to safeguard structures, products, people, and facility equipment, amongst other valuable items/areas, from dangerous collisions. Their design philosophy is geared towards making them as discreet as possible while providing maximal safety.


Damage done to structures and equipment like these are often accompanied by immense repair costs, and the damage that could be done to human lives is invaluable. That is why many clients of ours opt in for cost-effective railing systems that, for all intents and purposes, remove the possibility of such accidents from being inflicted; in this case, we were tasked with erecting a single-sided guard rail to shield the wall against heavy-duty garbage containers, preventing costly damages.




What Are Guard Rails Made out Of?

Railings that are produced as a result of custom metal fabrication in Toronto are made from a range of materials, including concrete, steel, or aluminium.


Nonetheless, in most cases you are liable to see guard rails manufactured from steel. This is indebted to their ease of fabrication and ability to handle a large range of forces that certain situations may demand from it.


To better understand this, let’s take the most prevalent railing installation – the highway guard rail. In most, if not all, cases you’ll see these rails fabricated from galvanised steel that are attached to steel uprights via bolts and fasteners. This design allows for the absorption of high impact collisions while also being economically scalable.


We hope to have imparted some insight into the thought process that goes behind each and every project we conduct for custom metal fabrication in Toronto, no matter how small in scale. To give you an idea as to how versatile the team at Weld Rich and Steel are, view our portfolio of works showcasing everything from Bobcat excavator repairs to residential balconies. We service Torontonians from Durham to Halton, so get in touch and contract a team with proven experience!