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Project Spotlight: Sidewalk Labs’ Smart City Building Raincoat

June 13, 2019

QuaySide Prototypes by Google Affiliated Sidewalk Labs


There’s no denying that Toronto is cold – but that shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying everything our city has to offer, especially in the chilly winter months. The Google sister company Sidewalk Labs is taking the urban outdoors to the next level with their Smart City prototypes in Toronto’s Quayside.





QuaySide Prototypes by Google Affiliated Sidewalk Labs


Heated, hexagonal shaped sidewalks that can light up, and large umbrella-like raincoats that shield from precipitation are some of the most exciting prototypes Sidewalk Labs have to offer. The building raincoats also adjust based on season – effectively allowing to transition a space from indoors and outdoors based on weather. Interactive projections are also cast on the raincoats based on current events happening in the city.  



Steel Raincoat Support Structure


As a leading firm for custom metal fabrication in Toronto, Weld Rich and Steel assisted with the structural steel framing that would support the plastic-like raincoat.




The project took roughly one week to complete to assemble the steel components. The only caveats being Toronto’s harsh winter weather and the sheer weight of the steel components, totaling at roughly 7500 lbs for all three steel parts used. Regardless, the final product is stunning. The raincoats offer a level of contemporary style and functionality to the underdeveloped Queen’s Quay area – effectively maximizing the amount of time Toronto-dwellers can spend outdoors, even in the colder months.




Sidewalk Labs is actively working to develop Toronto’s Quayside neighbourhood. With the successful implementation of the hexagonal sidewalks and building raincoats, we hope to see more projects approved for this new and upcoming Toronto neighbourhood.





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