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Metal Stairs in Toronto are Defined by Their Railings

November 22, 2017

For the most part, metal stairs from Toronto are expected to be sturdy, and to blend in with the environment they’ve been created for. The rails that decorate the stairs, on the other hand, have a bit more freedom to utilize unique designs. There are many ways to design a rail, and many different materials that can create a multitude of desired effects.


There are many different rail types for metal stairs in Toronto:


Wrought Iron - For an antique and stylishly old-school finish, wrought iron is usually the best choice. Typically, uncured or lightly cured iron rails are used on staircases to add in a fine touch of age to the finish. Alternatively, the wrought iron may be allowed to accrue enough rust that it darkens, giving the resulting rails a natural black hue that may be artistically matched with older houses.

Stainless Steel - Compared to the rusty finish metal stairs in Toronto have from wrought iron rails, modern stainless steel railings are used for an entirely different kind of look. The shimmery silver finish presents them as being more official, and they add more than a touch of modernity to the facility.

Aluminum - A cheaper alternative to the use of steel and iron involves the use of aluminum as a railing option. Aluminum railings are a great aesthetic option that rests in-between modern and traditional, and are particularly popular among those looking to save on their railing costs.

Copper - Unlike wrought iron, copper allows for a natural brown finish that is not very susceptible to degradation over time. This makes them a viable alternative to wrought iron rails, and many metal stairs in Toronto have benefited from a copper finish, particularly in areas requiring a modern finish with a more traditional or rustic appearance.


We understand that railings and stairs make up an important part of any building, and that just as each building is unique, their staircases have to be unique as well, to complement their surroundings. At Weld Rich and Steel, you can order custom designs to receive a finish that will be exactly what you need. Contact us today, to request a quote and see how we can benefit you!