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Load-bearing Structure vs. Framed Structure

June 14, 2023
Load-bearing Structure vs. Framed Structure

A building needs to be built in a way that it can withstand its own pressure and weight as well as  its contents. To meet these requirements, load-bearing and framed structures have been invented and widely used in the construction. In this blog, we will review the load-bearing and framed structures, the two most common types of structures used in construction.

What is a load-bearing structure?


A load-bearing structure is a structure where the loads are borne by the walls. It’s the walls that carry the weight and transmit it to the foundation. A load bearing structure can be built in masonry or of reinforced concrete.

What is a framed structure?


A framed structure consists of a system of beams and columns which transfer the loads down the building to the foundation. In a multi-storey building, steel beams and columns carry out the load bearing function. In a single-storey building, this function can be carried out by timber beams or sometimes aluminum beams.

The primary difference between load-bearing and framed structure is how the loads are distributed and transferred to the foundation. Below are some of the main differences between the two structures:


  • Composition. Load bearing structures consist of walls of brick or stone. A framed structure consists of steel beams, columns and slabs. 
  • Resistance to external forces. Load-bearing structures have lower resistance to the external forces than framed structures. However, single-storey buildings built with load-bearing structures perform equally well (given that all standards and codes were observed). 
  • Cost of labour. Framed structure is less labour intensive, but it requires a lot of skilled labour, such as that of structural steel fabricators and welders, which is usually expensive.
  • Materials. Framed structures require extensive use of steel and cement while load-bearing structures are built using timer and/or brick. 


Framed structures are also known for their design flexibility. Thus, they are a preferred choice for residential construction projects. 

Load-bearing Structure vs. Framed Structure


Load-bearing structure vs. framed structure. What’s more common in residential construction?


Although, load-bearing system is considered to be an older construction method, it may still be used in the construction of single-storey residential homes. The framed structure is considered to have higher resistance to lateral forces and to be more flexible, so it is preferred in the construction of high-rise modern buildings. 


It may be more expensive to build with framed structure as there’s a lot of work designer’s, engineer’s and structural steel fabricators’ work involved, but at the end of the day, a framed structure provides a more stable and safer structure.  

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