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Industries In Toronto Most in Need of CWB Welding Services
Industries In Toronto Most in Need of CWB Welding Services
December 19, 2019

CWB welding services across Toronto have grown en masse over the last few years, an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the high demands from industries heavily reliant on welding and metal fabrication services. 


The century old practice of welding continues to play an irreplaceable role throughout the industrial sector. 


With no signs of slowing, let’s peer into the world behind welding. The world in which four sizeable industries continue to form an ever-growing, symbiotic relation with the welding industry and the inimitable role it plays.


1) Automakers
Auto assembly lines require the best personnel for CWB welding. On average, any vehicle type is seen to sport ~4,000 spot welds. A single welder cannot achieve welds of this magnitude without assistance from assembly welding machines. Where they shine instead is in refined adjustments and corrections for existing welds – practices like this require the best hands, capable of expertly handling torches in auto assembly lines.


2) Ship Manufacturing and Assembly
Similar in vein to automaking, fabricating parts for the assembly of cruise liners, aircraft carriers, tankers, and other maritime vessels across Toronto requires top talent for any welding operations. While modern mass production methods, such as riveting, have improved turnaround times for ship assembly, welding conducted by a proficient and experienced team remains unmatched in speed. To top it all off, precision repairs – a common affliction amongst seafaring vessels – are consistently delivered by said teams without fail too.


3) Theme Park Construction and Maintenance
Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other adrenaline-inducing rides are made possible thanks to precision welding delivered by seasoned professionals. Steel sits at the heart of all theme park rides as the material of choice; welders spend hours making sure each section is attached without risk of failure and detachment while the ride is in operation.


4) Rail Development 
It’d be normal to assume that railway transportation falls under a welders remit, given their work on the aforementioned trains focused on entertainment – and you’d be right! Steel rails are indebted to CWB welding services to ensure track stability and integrity. A continual influx of proficient welding teams are required to maintain the rails, as well as to handle inspections.


Excellent Welding Services Sit At The Heart of Heavy Industries
Sourcing the best welders in the industry doesn’t have to be troublesome. You can always count on the CWB welding services delivered by our team at Weld Rich and Steel. With decades of experience working with a huge roster of diverse heavy industry companies, we’re sure to produce exceptional results for your project. Reach out to a representative with your inquiry and see how we solder form with function!

Glad there are cwb welding services so close to me!
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