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How to Choose the Perfect Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for Your Home

April 23, 2020

From food preparation to washing pots and eating utensils, every homeowner’s kitchen sink is a vital and necessary addition. It’s imperative to find the most durable and sanitary stainless steel kitchen sink for your home. Consider stainless steel fabrication services to create the right sink for your needs. 


Here are some things to consider when choosing the right stainless steel kitchen sink for your home:


The Size

First, determine the size of the sink you need for your kitchen. Standard kitchen sinks can measure between 24" and 36" inches in length. Sinks measuring 30" and below usually have one single bowl and are ideal for small kitchens.  If you want to separate your food prep area from your dirty dishes, then opt for a double which can measure 30" above. For larger kitchens, go for sinks larger than 36". Stainless steel fabrication allows you to customize the size of your stainless steel sink to accommodate your specific needs. 


The type of stainless steel

Stainless steel comes in three main types: austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic. The food service industry mostly relies on food-grade 300 series in the austenitic type of stainless steel due to its excellent corrosion resistance. However, if you want a sink that can resist the effects of salty water, consider a sink made of 316 stainless steel sink which has molybdenum.


The thickness

The thickness of stainless steel is measured by gauge. A lower gauge number indicates a thicker stainless steel while and a higher number means a thinner steel.  For example, a 16 gauge (1.60mm) sink is more durable and costs more than an 18 gauge (1.27mm) stainless steel sink.  Sinks made with thicker steel offer better durability and could survive wear and tear much more. 


What Steel Fabrication Can Offer You

Weld Rich and Steel offers services in stainless steel fabrication and welding. Call us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you!