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Four Post-Welding Finishes Every Fabricator Must Use

May 19, 2017

A superior post-welding technique is a great plus when it comes to defining the quality of art your customers enjoy. It might be the representation of an antique finish on a fabricated product, or an ultra-modern stylish coating on your structural steel products.  All these require a perfect tough that matches the class of your work. Most steel fabricators in Toronto combine multiple finishes giving the end product a stylish and highly distinguished touch of class. Below are modern ways of retouching your fabricated metal products.



Proper finishing of a fabrication project begins at smoothing and weathering out any course edges on the welded surfaces. When perfectly retouched through grinding, the surfaces are free from excessive post-welding beads, flashy floggings and run-out castings.


Powder coating

When looking for a premier way of retouching your steel products, powder coating is a good option to try out. By properly caking post-fabrication powder on your finished products, you not only give them a smooth coating, but also increase the likelihood that they survive adverse conditions. Compared to the regular painting used by most steel fabricators in Toronto companies, powder coating offers a very protective surface against rusting and metal degrading when exposed to extreme weather conditions.  


Metal plating

If rust protection is the primary goal in your post-production steel curing, metal plating might be a cheap option for you.  Commonly used are stainless steel, silver, zinc and copper, whose reactivity is lower than conventional steel and iron.


Heavy painting

Modern metal coating solutions have been advanced top cater for the needs of clients in diverse fields. As a cheap option to the standard powder coating, heavy painting has advanced as a suitable solution for use in diverse applications.



Tumbling is a combined rubbing and abrasive action applied on surface treatment. Flawless execution of the process allows for the removal of burrs, residual flux and oxide scales.


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