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Finding the Right Steel Erection Company

June 01, 2017

Construction is currently blooming in our country, and many have sought to follow this trend by starting their own steel erection company. This has caused many issues as there have been individuals who claimed to be experts in the field, yet provided haphazard and substandard work. Not only is this an issue, it is also hazardous to the general public.


The following are some aspects of a valid steel erection company:

  1. Office. A legal steel erection company would have an office address where their staff reports to and clients may visit for advice. There must be a sign indicating where they operate, as well as a warehouse for materials and equipment.  This would ensure that proper licensing for operations have been obtained.  
  2. Projects. A legal steel erection company would have a list of projects that have been done, and are currently in the process of completion. The list of business projects categorizes as the company’s profile and a testimonial of the company’s efficiency.  
  3. Issues. A good steel erection company would have no pending issues in regards to its work. One can research the rankings of the company, outstanding complaints, and success rates to ensure the quality of the company. If there is a pending case or complaint against the steel erection company, it would be easily found.


As previously stated, a legitimate steel erection company would provide a strong portfolio for possible clients. They would have an office where all their certifications are visible, a project profile, and an absence of client complaints. Researching the legitimacy of the business ensures the right steel erection company for your needs.