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CWB Welding: Conforming to Canadian Codes and Standards

October 18, 2019

Weld Rich and Steel adheres to Canadian codes and standards under our CWB welding certifications. We understand the importance of uniformity when it comes to safety across all projects we work on. That’s why you can rely on us to yield quality, structurally sound, and durable results – without having to compromise on quality or precision.



The Importance of Upholding Canadian Codes and Standards in Welding  


For the layperson, the welding industry is the unforeseen force manufacturing the buildings, structures, products, and infrastructure we all rely on. But for the end-user, the importance of these items is not realized until the final product is put into use.


What is not typically understood are the various set of parameters welders are to adhere to. The uniformity of these codes are regulated by the CWB as a way to ensure welding work, welders, and the businesses who employ them consistently, meet Canadian weld standards.


Needless to say – without CWB welding standards, or a governing body like the CWB to regulate and govern them, weld project outcomes could lead to increased risk of safety hazards, reduced quality, limit competition, and disrepute the Canadian welding industry as a whole from both domestic and international perspectives.



The CWB’s Public Safety Mission


In 2012, the CWB created the Office of Public Safety as a resource for stakeholders within the welding industry to better understand about the CWB and the various services it provides. CWB’s Office of Public Safety was also created with the aim to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining Canadian welding code standards as a way to promote the safety of the Canadian public.


Whether it’s membership, certification, welder testing, or welder education – the CWB main focus is on maintaining and informing public safety through the provision of resources, and certification services for those in the Canadian welding industry.  



If you’re curious to learn more about the benefits of CWB welding certifications, check out our previous blog The Importance of Being CWB Certified for more information.