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CWB Certification: A Rigorous Process Guaranteeing Quality

September 03, 2019

For companies working in the structural steel fabrication industry, CWB certification is an absolute must. In fact, it is a requirement in order for a company to work in this field at all. CWB welding is a standard above the rest – given out by the Canadian Welding Bureau, it is indicative of a welder possessing higher than usual levels of knowledge and experience.


CWB certification is a process that needs to be renewed every two years.


Indeed, due to its wide scope and strict standards, CWB welding is difficult to master. There are a number of steps involved during the process, during which the welding supervisor will have to demonstrate superior command of:


  1. Overseeing day to day operations
  2. Preparing appropriate welding data sheets for projects
  3. Submitting all forms to the CWB
  4. Coordinating with the local CWB representative
  5. Consulting with engineers regarding the welding program
  6. Ensuring his welders are fully familiar with the processes and materials


The scope of the CWB is far-reaching.


CWB is capable of qualifying welders, welding inspectors, welding supervisors, welding engineers, and welding electrodes/consumables. As such, the CWB is the foremost institution in Canada possessing the highest level of expertise regarding the welding profession. It is because of its stringent processes that Canadian welders can bring a high level of competence to the field and make consistent progress and reliable products.


As one of the leading companies in the CWB welding industry, Weld Rich and Steel provides the most competent and capable welders, adheres to the strictest welding procedures, and ensures our shop floor and staff go above and beyond.


Indeed, welders invest significant time and money into becoming professional, completing various courses and undertaking standardized examinations. Furthermore, considering that CWB certification has to be renewed every two years, this is a lifelong process that requires constant commitment on their part.


At Weld Rich and Steel, we are proud and grateful to have some of the best talents and minds in the welding world working on our team, providing only the best CWB welding services to our clients. Check out our website to learn more about our services and products.