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Custom Metal Staircase Design Considerations

December 27, 2023
Custom metal staircase Toronto



When it comes to designing a custom metal staircase, its visual appearance and overall aesthetics are treated as the two most important aspects. You want your custom staircase to blend seamlessly into the interior of the room or the building. However, it isn’t just the aesthetics that need to be taken into consideration. There are other, no less important aspects to keep in mind. Read on if you would like to learn more. 


Types Of Staircases


Below is a brief overview of the common types of metal staircases which find their application in residential and commercial buildings. 


Straight stairs


Straight stairs are the most common types of staircase seen in many households and commercial/industrial buildings. They can be straight, L-Shaped or U-shaped. Straight stairs can be further categorized into:


 - Mono stringer stairs - one beam on which steps are bolted;

 - Double stringer - two metal beams with steps bolted on them;

 - Side stringer - stringer is installed along the outer perimeter of the steps. 


Curved stairs


Curved stairs take up less space than straight stairs. They are also more aesthetically pleasing thanks to their curved design. There is a certain formula that helps to determine the best size and position of the curved stairs in a room/building. The technicians and structural steel fabricators at Weld Rich & Steel will design and fabricate curved staircases to your exact requirements and specifications. 


Spiral stairs


The shape of the spiral staircase is attributed to the lack of space where the staircase is to be installed. A straight staircase is a lot more space consuming, making it almost impossible to preserve an adequate step angle in a straight staircase. Thus, spiral stairs are the most optimal option for tight spaces. Spiral staircase is also one of the oldest types of staircases. 


What Is The Preferred Material For Staircase Fabrication?


Steel is probably the most popular material for the fabrication of staircases. And the choice is not surprising. Steel has a high tensile strength, meaning the material is able to withstand high loads without breaking. This feature is essential for the fabrication of curved and spiral stairs, where structural steel fabricators need to bend the material in a certain way to achieve the desired shape. 


Another aspect that makes steel a preferred material for the fabrication of metal staircase in Toronto is its durability. Steel is a long-lasting material that holds up well even when exposed to the elements.  


Can Other Materials Be Used In The Fabrication Of Metal Staircases?


It is a common practice to combine steel (or any other types of metal) with other materials to make staircases. Steel goes well with glass. It is not uncommon to see a steel staircase paired with glass panels inserted into the railings. It also blends in well with wood. In a combination like this, wooden steps are mounted on a structural support (stringer) made of steel or any other metal. 


The takeaways


When designing a custom metal staircase for your home or commercial building, it is essential to consult with an expert in metal staircase fabrication. 

Weld Rich & Steel Inc is an expert in custom steel fabrication in Toronto. In business for over a decade, we have built a reputation for quality metal fabrication. Our expertise extends to the fabrication of metal staircase in Toronto, among other services. With a team of experienced and qualified metal fabricators, structural welders and design technicians, we are able to tackle even the most complex jobs. Call (416) 835-5363 to speak to one of our experts and get a free estimate today!