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Custom Metal Fabrication: Process Overview and Applications

October 24, 2023
Custom Metal Fabrication: Process Overview and Applications


Custom metal fabrication is of paramount significance in various industries. It plays a pivotal role in the creation of essential products that underpin modern society. From manufacturing metal parts for heavy industrial machinery to supplying metal beams for the construction industry, metal fabrication is the bedrock of many things we rely on every day. 


But have you ever wondered where the metal parts and products come from and how they are made? In this article, we take a closer look at the custom metal fabrication process to help you better understand the steps involved. 


Steps Involved In Custom Metal Fabrication



Forging has been around for many centuries. First, a piece of metal is heated to a certain temperature until it becomes malleable. Then, the metal is hammered and pressed with specialized tools to achieve the desired shape. Although forging is an ancient metal fabrication method, it is still widely used in the modern day custom metal fabrication. 



If you want to achieve a smooth surface of the fabricated part, casting is the way to go. It involves melting the metal and pouring it into a prefabricated mold to create the desired shape.  



Drawing is the process of extending the length of a metal sheet by pulling and stretching it. The process involves pulling a sheet metal through a die to reduce its thickness and increase its length. Drawing can be performed cold or hot. With hot drawing, a sheet of metal has to be heated to high temperatures before it’s pulled through a die, while with cold drawing, melting a metal sheet to a room temperature is usually enough. 



Forming is another popular metal fabrication process. It involves applying force to a piece of metal to change its shape. Forming is a versatile process that can include bending, rolling, and stamping. 



Machining is the process of removing unwanted parts of the material to create the desired shape or design. It is usually performed at the latest stages of the fabrication process. Machining relies on a wide range of tools, such as grinders, milling machines, drilling machines and lathes. 


Applications of Custom Metal Fabrication


Our modern day needs are heavily dependent on things made of metal. Enjoying the Toronto views from the top of the CN tower, or boarding a subway train on the Union station, all these things are made possible thanks to custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


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