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Boost Your Interior Design Game With These Custom Metal Fabricated Pieces

August 23, 2023
Boost Your Interior Design Game With These Custom Metal Fabricated Pieces

When we hear “metal fabrication” we usually associate it with industrial applications. Indeed, structures made of metal, like support framing, beams and columns, are common in industrial applications. However, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to the application of metal fabrication in interior design. In this blog, we will explore how custom metal fabrication in Toronto can be used to enhance interior spaces.

6 Ways Custom Metal Fabrication Can Enhance Interior Design


Lighting fixtures

If you are after that industrial vibe in your interior space, decorating your living room with a custom-fabricated pendant lighting fixture will help you achieve that feel. A custom metal fabricated chandelier can serve as a focal point of your room while bringing that industrial vibe to the space.


Metal-made shelving

If none of the Wayfair shelves meet your decor and storage needs, consider custom metal shelving. Not only can you have a unique piece of furniture that will fit your space perfectly, but you can also design it to meet all your storage needs. 


Wall Decor

Let your creativity run wild by creating custom metal wall decor. There's a myriad of design-oriented social media accounts to draw inspiration from. Your local coffee shop can also be a great source of inspiration for custom-fabricating a wall art of your design. To ensure a seamless project execution, you might want to hire a professional custom metal fabrication team in Toronto. 


Metal wall panels

Metal-made wall panels can be used as an alternative to tile or wood paneling. They can be installed against the existing wall or as a standalone partition in an open space. Regardless of how you decide to leverage them in your space, rest assured your interior design will no longer be a boring affair.


Coat racks

Freestanding coat racks are a great way to bring style to your interior design, especially if your existing built-in closet storage is limited. Custom metal fabricated coat racks are also a great opportunity to show off your exquisite clothing items and accessories. 


Metal bookends

A clever approach to give your bookshelf an industrial look is to add metal bookends. Metal pipes and fittings can be used to create a bookend that has a more functional purpose. These bookends may be shaped into a broad range of shapes and sizes, painted, or left untreated for an industrial look.



Adding metal-made pieces to your interior design can be an exciting opportunity to explore your creative side. And we at Weld Rich & Steel Inc. can help you with it! Bring your ideas to us and we will bring them to life. Whether it’s a bookshelf, a coat rack, a metal wall panel or any other metal object you fashioned in your mind, talk to us and see your creative ideas come to life. Our team of expert welders, design technicians and steel structure fabricators will make your design a reality. Call us today to discuss your project!