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4 Interesting Facts About Arc Welding

March 02, 2020

Welding in Toronto is a metalworking process that involves the use of heat to join metal objects. As heat is being applied to the surface of the metal parts or objects, it starts to melt. Once the molten surface cools down, it hardens and binds the objects in the process. Some of the welding processes utilize a flame to heat the metal parts while others employ electricity. The latter is the process that is used most often and is also known as arc welding derived from its use of the electric arc, either through direct current or alternating current.


Here are some interesting facts you might not know about welding services.


#1. Electric arcs are very hot, reaching about 10,000℉


Since metals have hard surfaces, electric arcs of welding in Toronto are extremely hot to melt the metal and form the bond between joints. Depending on the specific type of metal to be joined, arc welding also uses different temperatures but generally, it is done with a temperature of about 10,000℉.


#2. Arc welding machines have to cool off


Due to the incredible heat that arc welding generates, the machine has to cool off to prevent damage. Most of these welding machines are manufactured with a certain duty cycle, which means the number of minutes within a 10-minute period the machine can be used.


#3. Arc welding comes in various types


Arc welding in Toronto comes in different types, with each of them utilizing a different approach. For instance, gas arc welding uses gas to help fuel the arc while plasma welding, of course, employs plasma.


#4. Arc welding is not expensive


Arc welding is inexpensive compared to other welding methods as the machine costs can be as low as two hundred dollars. The machines are also easy to operate requiring very minimal training for welders to work with.