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4 Industries That Benefit from CWB Welding Services

May 26, 2020

CWB welding is the standard for welding services throughout all industries. If you are looking to employ the service of welders, make sure they are CWB certified so as to guarantee your own piece of mind. Professionally certified welders have access to a much wider range of skills and resources, meaning they will be able to provide the best quality service possible for your needs as opposed to amateur welders. As you can imagine, CWB welding is widely utilized in all kinds of sectors thanks to their transferable skills and expertise.


Here are four industries that greatly benefit from professional and certified welders:


Construction and Development

Structural steel fabrication and welding is in high demand thanks to the rising productivity of the construction and development sector. There is no doubt a high demand for CWB welding service, especially since guidelines and standards for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities are incredibly high. Only top-notch welders such as Weld Rich and Steel can handle the task without any hassles and frills.


Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Treatment tanks and metal ovens are crucial in the curing, mixing, and heating of both chemical and pharmaceutical products. All of these metal-fabricated equipment requires the hands of professional welding personnel who can follow every line and dot in the blueprints with minimal to no deviations at all.



Fabricated steel is a huge part of the automotive industry, and it requires the finest welders to install and assemble its parts and fittings. Much of the world's automotive parts assembly is performed in Canada, which makes it imperative for automakers to work with certified professional welders for all their operations.



From adjustable steel beds to CRT scanners, the medical industry has a huge demand for steel fabrication just like any other heavy industry. CWB-certified welders can deliver all fabrication requirements without fail thanks to their flawless logistics and operational management.


If you have yet to find a reliable company to work with, you can always count on Weld Rich and Steel to deliver exceptional results. We are a CWB-certified company that has worked with numerous industries over the last few decades. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!