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4 Applications Of Metal Fabrication In Construction

May 30, 2023
4 Applications Of Metal Fabrication In Construction


Steel is the most widely used material for building structures. It forms the backbone of almost any residential and commercial building. Steel structure fabricators work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers to design and build reliable and safe metal structures. If you would like to learn more about how metal fabrication in Toronto and the construction industry are related to each other, read on.

How Is Metal Fabrication Related To The Construction Industry?


To put it simply, without metal fabrication there would be no safe building to be in or walk on. Metal fabrication creates sturdy and reliable metal structures that form the skeleton of almost any building or structure. Here’s what can be created with the help of metal fabrication.


Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of fabricating flat metal sheets into different structures. The process involves cutting, punching, folding and assembling cut-out sheet metal pieces into different shapes through a series of manufacturing methods. 


Sheet metal fabrication allows for the creation of a variety of end products of various shapes and sizes. Sheet metal fabrication is frequently used in roofing, plumbing and fencing, as well as for the production of staircases and various interior design elements.


Steel framing 

Metal fabrication is the process through which steel framing is made. Steel framing constitutes the skeleton of a building. It is also used to create fire escapes, decking, catwalks and other structures. Structural steel fabricators use various manufacturing techniques to cut, fold, punch, shear and cast metal pieces. They also use various welding techniques extensively to connect metal pieces together.


4 Applications Of Metal Fabrication In Construction

Structural steel beams

Steel beams are extensively used in commercial construction to build bridges, high-rise buildings, warehouses and any other structures that require high strength to support the load. There are various types of steel beams but the most common are I-beams, T-beams and H-beams. 


Fabrication of steel beams requires a high level of competence and experience. Structural steel fabricators work closely with engineers to ensure the design is suitable for the load and the structure in general.


Steel trusses

A steel truss is a structure that is composed of triangular pieces of metal. It is a key structural element in the construction of large buildings. There are various types of steel trusses, from very basic to more complex. They differ in terms of their shape, purpose and use cases. 


Trusses can handle exceptionally heavy loads while also making the structure more stable.

Steel structure fabricators use press baking and rolling to form steel trusses. Equipment such as lasers, water jets, and plasma cutters is used to cut, mold, and assemble steel trusses.


As every building is unique, there is a lot of custom work that goes into erecting a building. 

Thus, it is a common practice to hire a steel fabrication company to custom fabricate steel trusses.


Why Choose Weld Rich & Steel For Metal Fabrication?


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