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3 Structural Steel Shoring Applications

July 25, 2019

Steel shoring plays an important role in the construction of a building. Simply put, shoring is the process in which structures are temporarily supported to ensure they are not compromised during construction.


The importance of having a fully certified cwb welding company to fabricate structural steel shoring supports is crucial to determining the structural integrity and safety of the entire project.


There are a variety of shoring methods used, and the type of shoring an engineer opts for will largely depend on the parameters and specifications of the project itself.



Today we’ll discuss 3 different types of shoring equipment and their applications.


Preliminary Building Construction Shoring


Structural steel shoring is used in the first phases of the building construction process. It is primarily used to support concrete floors that are still hardening. In multi-floor buildings, this process occurs on each level of the building structure.


There are a few factors at play when selecting a shoring system that makes the most sense for the project at hand. An optimal shoring system will allow for a more efficient means of efficiency, with less manpower needed for logistical purposing.


Building Repair Shoring


When buildings get older, their structural stability becomes compromised and destabilization can occur. To combat this, structural steel shoring is used to repair and strengthen the building structure by reinforcing what is usually already there.


Foundation repairs and reinforcements will necessitate cribs, structural steel components, and beams for a temporary foundation. For a specific section of the building that requires shoring, hydraulic jacks are typically used.


Excavated Ground Shoring


The excavation process sometimes results in unstable ground – which can become a workplace safety hazard for construction workers on site. Shoring is used in instances where soil retention or ditches need to be stabilized. The process requires a more specialized shoring application method to ensure excess soil does not fall on construction workers as they work on the walls of a building.


The Importance of Finding a CWB Welding Company


Many shoring applications make use of structural steel to reinforce the structural integrity and stability of a building structure. Finding a reputable cwb welding company to fabricate shoring equipment and structures can be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some instances – life or death.


In our last blog we discussed The Importance of Being CWB Certified, as adding an extra layer of assurance in knowing your final project result will be of quality. The same is true in shoring applications – you’ll want to ensure the welding company you hire offers the necessary credentials to get the job done safely and effectively. Applicable CWB certifications for shoring applications include CSA W55.3 Resistance Welding Company Certification, and CSA W186 Welding of Reinforcing Bars Company Certification.