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3 Industries That Benefit from Stainless Steel Fabrication
3 Industries That Benefit from Stainless Steel Fabrication
May 12, 2020

Steel is a primary structural material that is used ubiquitously in the building industry. This is all thanks to stainless steel’s ability to present a heightened aesthetic appearance while still maintaining strength and weight-carrying capacities and abilities. In addition to being a staple building material, stainless steel is also used across a wide range of industries. Indeed, stainless steel fabrication is a flexible process that sees skilled fabricators fashioning all kinds of creations that we enjoy in public spaces, through the everyday products we consume, and even through movie magic.


Here are just three examples of industries that utilize stainless steel fabrication:


Art and Decor

As modern art continues to gain popularity in society, the demand for stainless steel sculptures and decorative pieces will continue to increase. Virtually every major city in the world has its sidewalks and intersections decorated with Avant-Garde, abstract, and geometric artwork meant to show off the modern, urban character of the city. It isn’t just for tourists, either. At Weld Rich and Steel, we have done our fair share of work creating art pieces for companies to decorate their compound and reflect the values of their organization.


Appliance Manufacturing and Assembly

Refrigerators, air-conditioning and industrial grade HVACs, ovens, and other home appliances and industrial equipment will always require the right manufacturing of assembly-ready parts and fittings. Therefore, steel fabricators such as Weld Rich and Steel will always play a vital role in the manufacturing process before assembly even happens.


Movie Magic

Perhaps the most surprising industry that benefits from stainless steel fabrication is the movie industry. Over the years, locations in Canada have seen a massive uptick of Hollywood studios looking to film their projects here. This means local fabricators, caterers, management personnel, and more are being hired right here in Canada to contribute to the global film industry. Steel and metal fabricators frequently get contracted to make the props, furniture, and other fixtures of a movie set. Without the expertise of these industries, Hollywood movies just won’t have the same magic.


As you can see, stainless steel fabrication is at the heart of driving and powering many other industries. If you have yet to find a trustworthy fabricator to work with, you can always count on us at Weld Rich and Steel. With decades of experience and by using only the finest raw materials, we guarantee exceptional results for every project. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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