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3 Crucial Signs Your Steel Staircase Requires Repairs or Replacement

March 10, 2020

Stairs are usually the first thing you see when entering a home and can come in several different styles. Many don’t know that stairs can also be made of steel, which can actually last for a great amount of time -- even half a century. However, steel staircases do not last forever, and they will require repairs or replacement over time.


If you're a new homeowner planning to install steel stairs or recently become an owner of a home that already has one installed, take note of the following to know if you need it repaired or replaced:


Functional for More Than 50 Years


Steel staircases can last for decades and sometimes beyond 100 years with proper maintenance and care. However, if the stairs have begun to rust within its 50th year mark, it's time to have them repaired. If the foundation of the stair still feels firm to the feet and allows passage above without any worrying imbalances, a repaint and de-rusting is in order. Otherwise, it needs to retire with a full tear-down and stairwell replacement.


Rust Has Infiltrated Majority of the Material


All steel materials -- including galvanized and galvalume steel -- will rust within decades after its initial installation. If there is a small amount of rust on a steel staircase, and it does not affect its foundational footing, it still warrants a repair and sustainability maintenance service. However, if the rust has eaten much of the steel material and feels wobbly or unstable during use, then it's time to replace it. 


Some Areas Have Begun to Deteriorate Beyond Repair


It's possible that majorly-rusted steel stairs can maintain their functionality even if their cosmetics appear dilapidated. However, if you see areas already prone to breakage and causing possible major instability when you use them, it's better to avoid any risk and replace it as soon as possible.


Always Make Sure to Work with Reliable Manufacturers and Installers!


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